Terms about education

Terms about education

educator - An educational specialist, a person involved in the upbringing and education of children and young people with special training in this area;

state accreditation — the process of state recognition of compliance of the activities of state educational institutions and organizations, non-state educational organizations (hereinafter - educational organizations) with the state educational standards, state educational requirements and curricula, as well as granting the right to issue their graduates with educational documents;

state educational institution — an institution established by the state authorities on the basis of state-owned property, providing education in accordance with state educational standards and state educational requirements;

state educational standards — a set of requirements for the content and quality of education, established by the state;

state educational requirements — mandatory requirements for the structure, content and conditions of education, as well as physical, personal, intellectual, scientific and professional qualities of students;

qualification - the level of knowledge, abilities, skills and competencies, characterizing the readiness of a person to perform a certain type of professional activity, confirmed by an appropriate educational document;

specialty - the name of a specific type of professional training, which ends with the assignment of a qualification;

non-governmental educational organization - a legal entity that provides educational services on the basis of a license, for the right to carry out activities for the provision of educational services in accordance with state educational standards, state educational requirements and curricula;

upbringing- is a systematic process aimed at the comprehensive development of the young generation on the basis of a specific target and socio-historical experience, the formation of consciousness, spiritual and moral values and worldview;

education - systematic process aimed at providing students with deep theoretical knowledge, skills and practical skills, as well as at the formation of general educational and professional knowledge, skills and abilities, and the development of capabilities;

educational campus is an educational and pedagogical environment that ensures high efficiency of the learning process, spiritual and moral education, including a complex of buildings and structures, educational buildings, scientific-research institutes (centers), industrial complexes and techno parks, places of temporary residence of education participants, laboratories, information and resource centers (libraries), sports facilities, catering facilities, united in a single area;

teaching complex - a set of textbooks, notebooks, a manual for the teacher, a multimedia appendix of textbooks;

general secondary education- a type of education, covering the period from 1 to 11 grades. General secondary education is divided into the following periods:

elementary education - grades 1-4;

basic secondary education - grades 5-9;

secondary education - grades 10-11;

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