About Ministry

The Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The main tasks and activities of the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan are:

  • development and implementation of a unified state policy in the field of general secondary and extracurricular education, further raising the level of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development of students;
  • implementation of methodological guidance of the activities of educational institutions in accordance with state educational standards of general secondary education and state requirements for extracurricular education;


  • raising the status and authority of the teaching profession, providing material and social support to staff of educational institutions, as well as public education workers, creating decent conditions for their productive work;
  • implementation of comprehensive measures aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of teaching foreign languages in educational institutions, improving vocational guidance and labor training of students;
  • introduction into the educational process of innovative forms of education, modern pedagogical and information technologies, effective methods of vocational guidance, training and education, taking into account the optimization of educational, psychological and physical stress of students;
  • implementation of comprehensive measures aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of teaching foreign languages in educational institutions;
  • the organization of the preparation and publication of new generation educational and teaching literature developed according to updated curricula and programs that meet international requirements for content and quality, using new pedagogical and information and communication technologies;
  • further development of the non-governmental sector of educational services, creation of favorable conditions for public-private partnerships in the field of public education;
  • introduction of advanced and transparent organizational and legal mechanisms for the selection, training, retraining and advanced training of teaching staff;
  • improving the activities of the Mehribonlik houses, ensuring socio-psychological rehabilitation and legal protection of children without parental care, promoting their integration into society and developing social and labor skills; 
  • increasing the effectiveness of measures that provide social guarantees for children with special needs, as well as for those who need treatment and rehabilitation, creating an adaptive environment conducive to their education and upbringing (including inclusive), improving the activities of specialized schools (boarding schools) for children with disabilities opportunities;
  • education of students in the spirit of universal values, high spirituality, humanism, consolidation in their hearts and consciousness of ideas of independence, strengthening immunity to ideas alien to the national mentality;
  • conducting system monitoring of the implementation by institutions of general secondary and extracurricular education of state educational standards and requirements;
  • coordination of activities to ensure vocational training for students in grades 10-11 of educational institutions;
  • strengthening the material and technical base of public education institutions, monitoring and coordinating the operation of their buildings and structures.
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